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Deacons: Called to serve the community
Jessica Foster

Jessica's Story

A ministry of tables, doorways and sometimes word When I was first starting to explore being a deacon and was trying to explain what it meant to me, I talked a lot about doorways. While a priest is at the table, ...

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Corinne's Story

Rev'd Deacon Corinne Smith I was ordained deacon in 1997 and served my curacy at St Helen’s, Abingdon, where my ministry as a deacon had a particular emphasis on education, pastoral care and, in particular, pastoral care of sick and older ...

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Liz's Story

Rev'd Deacon Liz Carrington I’m a retired physiotherapist with a background in children’s work in the NHS and in less well resourced parts of the world. A very clear call to work in India in the 1980s with children with disabilities ...

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Ann's Story

Rev'd Deacon Ann Wren Short Biography I was made a Deaconess in 1985 and ordained Deacon in Durham Cathedral in 1987 serving in an inner city parish in Gateshead, also acting as Bishop's Advisor for Women's Ministry. My husband is a priest ...

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Jen's Story

Rev'd Deacon Jennifer Swinbank “Are you going to be a nurse like your Mummy?” My answer was always the same: “No!” Yet there I was, at the age of 18, beginning my training at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, where I developed a ...

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Pat's Story

Rev'd Deacon Pat Wright I was ordained Deaconess in 1983 and later ordained Deacon. The service and work that Deacons do is very varied and so I offer my story as an example: For 25 years I worked with people living with ...

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Deacons are people...

  • on a mission
  • making connections between liturgy and pastoral need
  • engaging the life of the Church with those outside
  • being a prophetic voice for those on the margins
  • called to remind the whole Church of its diaconal vocation

Their ministry...

  • is community focused and transforming
  • raises awareness within the Church and Society of social need
  • enables the development of effective strategies to make a difference

Have you thought that you might be called to serve Christ in the community? Might you be called to be a Deacon?

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